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Taking the theme “Transformation Towards a Sustainable and Intelligent Urban Mobility”, ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024 will take center stage in Jakarta on 28-30 May 2024 at Jakarta Convention Center.

Budi Karya Sumadi

Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia

As a country with a rapidly growing population and increasing urbanization, it is crucial for Indonesia to expedite the implementation of ITS to overcome the challenges posed by transportation and to ensure a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future.

The adoption of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Indonesia is not only important but also critical to the success and development of our country. We can address the difficulties of traffic congestion, road safety, and inefficient transportation management by accelerating the implementation of ITS.

To begin with, the implementation of ITS allows us to address the common problem of traffic congestion. We may obtain insights into traffic patterns, optimize signal timings, and dynamically change traffic flow by using intelligent traffic management systems, real-time data collection, and predictive analytics. This has the potential to drastically reduce congestion, shorten travel times, and improve the overall efficiency of our transportation network.

Furthermore, ITS has the potential to significantly improve traffic safety. We can improve situational awareness, prevent accidents, and manage risks by utilizing technology such as vehicle-to-vehicle communication, advanced driver support systems, and automatic incident detection. By accelerating the introduction of ITS, we can create a safer transportation environment, saving lives, decreasing injuries, and ensuring the well-being of our citizens. I would like to express my support for the ITS APF 2024, as exhibitions and forums play an important role in raising awareness and disseminating information, as well as providing a unique opportunity for industry experts, researchers, policymakers, and the general public to come together, exchange ideas, and showcase the most recent advancements in ITS.

We can accomplish the following benefits by conducting more ITS-related shows. Let us work together to embrace these breakthrough technologies, build a better transportation network, and shape a brighter future for Indonesia-one marked by efficient mobility, enhanced safety, and sustainable growth.

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28-30May 2024

Jakarta Convention CenterIndonesia

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