Explore Jakarta

Discover the Vibrant Charms of Jakarta: Your Unforgettable Journey Awaits!

Explore Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Based on the United Nation's census in 2018, Jakarta is listed as the second largest urban area in the world. Jakarta is a very unique place with cultural diversity. Jakarta is also one of the most popular cities for job hunters and tourists who want to explore the city.

What can we see or visit while in Jakarta? Jakarta offers many historical and cultural tourism sites such as the National Monument (Monas), Museums, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Merdeka Square, Old Town (Kota Tua), and many more. Furthermore, Jakarta also has tourism sites with fun vibes such as Fantasy World (Dufan), Menteng Flea Market, Jakarta Aquarium or Ancol Art Market.


Jakarta offers many shopping places such as Tanah Abang Market, ITC Mangga Dua, Glodok Chinatown among many big malls that are scattered in almost all areas in the city.


For you culinary lovers, there are so many foods that you could try such as Kerak Telor which is an original distinctive food from Jakarta, Sate, Soto Betawi, Gado-gado and many more.

Visiting Jakarta in just a few days won't quench your thirst of exploring the city. There are so many things to do and to see. All those sites mentioned above can be reached by using modern and smart transportation modes such as MRT, TransJakarta bus, or smart motorcycle taxis like ride-hailing companies. These transportation modes are some of the ITS implementations in the city.

Explore Jakarta easily with integrated public transportation

Exploring Jakarta has become a breeze with its integrated public transportation system. Navigating the vibrant Indonesian capital is now more convenient than ever, thanks to a network that seamlessly connects buses, commuter trains, and the TransJakarta rapid transit system.

With this efficient system in place, travelers can effortlessly hop from one fascinating destination to another. From the historic Old Town of Batavia with its colonial architecture and bustling markets to the modern skyscrapers of Jakarta's central business district, there are countless places to explore.

Don't miss the opportunity to savor the city's rich culinary scene, shop in its bustling markets, or immerse yourself in its cultural heritage through museums and galleries. Jakarta truly offers a diverse range of experiences for all types of travelers.

Jakarta Sightseeing
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